About Us

After School Programs


Acme Learning understands that children and youth in different age groups have different academic, psychological, and physical activity needs we like to consider children as resources to be developed rather than as problems to be managed. We partner with families and educators who care about kids to co-create a world where we are all free to be our true and best selves within vibrant, peaceful, creative & caring communities. Acme learning delivers After School Programs that are structured around being one-on-one, aimed at grooming a child’s self-confidence by educating the whole child; socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually. We provide a safe and secure environment for kids to form friendships, to explore, to grow and learn, to try something new or master a personal interest. Safety comes first in everything we do.

Acme Learning emphasizes a low child ratio to staff, organized program structure, appropriate supervision, activities that promote autonomy and choice, continuity with the regular school day and promote your child’s health and wellness. Every session is customized to the child’s interests and reflects their dreams and imagination. Our structured After School Activities help your child to progress in various aspects like concentration & memory, listening skills, learning ability, creativity & imagination, self-confidence, visualization, speed & accuracy, problem-solving skills, mathematical proficiency, and technology. Our camps and classes use the magic and power of creative learning to help kids ages 3 – 18 manifest this world.

Identifying the talents in kids is the primary thing we focus on. Contributing to their growth in each and every aspect is our goal. Our After School Programs for Children helps in supporting them towards both education and extracurricular activities. During these After School Programs, our experienced mentors will give personalized supervision to every acme student for their progress. Tuitions along with extracurricular activities make children stress free especially on exam time. Another essential chapter of Acme Learning is our summer camps for children where they get motivated towards their growth. We inculcate knowledge and creativity in students for a bright and beautiful future. Helping students to learn everything effectively and innovatively is one of our fundamental goals.