Introducing an array of after-school activities that pack learning, fun and budding friendships in one go!

Acme learning fully supports the need of including developmental activities for a child’s 360-degree progress be it performing arts, communication or technical. Our aim to provide your child the right exposure to our range of activities that help promote creativity, memory, logical thinking and reasoning skills, ease of understanding scientific concepts and applications, math skills (ratios, fractions, space-time calculations), listening and motor skills. ACME After School Activities integrate these different skills and simultaneously result in prompt neural responses. Apart from training your child ACME Activities also open up your child’s interests in the best possible way.

After school activities for kids play an important role in making their day more productive and engaging. We at ACME provide the right environment as well the timely guidance of our ACME experts who not just educate but also teach values, ethics and behavioral norms that are widely accepted and appreciated. Whether it is self-expression, personality development or teamwork your child will naturally learn them all within the class resulting in overall development. It’s not just a one-time achievement but it helps your child go a long way and stand out in all future challenges. Displaying your hidden talent is always welcome at ACME and we give the right opportunity for doing so. All we need is to choose is the right activity that helps your child grow.

Acme Learning provides the right ambience that is free of distractions and fewer students around your child will be able to focus on learning.

What makes our after school activities stand apart are:

  • Regular student progress analysis with parents
  • Community Events
  • Contest and Theme Days
  • Healthy Snacks and Drinks
  • Pick and Drop Facility at Selected Points
  • Student’s in and out timings at the center intimation


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