We are excited to welcome your kids to join in ACME Summer Camp.


Complete Fun and Innovative Activities for Preschool Kids

It’s much more than just free play, arts, and crafts or dance. Acme Learning – Summer Camp’2020, is all set to entertain our little learners with Junior Medical Labs, STEM Activity Sessions, Skill Building as well as introduction to a large variety of physical sports such as Taekwondo, Skating, Happy times of Tunes and Dance Tutorials and Outdoor trips for practical learnings and know-how, activity trips and mini camping. So let these tiny tots get more creative, imaginative, and curious in Acme Learning – Summer Camp’2020!

Academic Crash Courses, Science Fairs, Mini Medical Labs, Enrichment Courses

Our refresher learning courses are the perfect way to cover up the foundation gaps of your child in all academic subjects in a short time duration, before the start of the next academic year. To compliment that, our exciting programs like Science Fair/Science Wizard/ Junior Scientist give the child a chance to try science experiments in the lab under supervision, allowing them to reinforce their science basics. The success of a child in academic competition relies on his/her communication, presentation, and interpretation skills. Our enrichment programs like Creative Writing, Personality Development, and Spoken English groom the child to read, write, speak, and express in English adequately. Basics of Aptitude Reasoning Program tune the child for decisionmaking skills as well as analytical skills! So let our academic summer program clubbed with many other co-curricular activities, make your child shine in the coming academic year!
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Advanced Tech Summer Camp – Animation, Programming, Robotics and Circuits, and more...

Acme Learning – Summer Camp’2020 feels proud to partner with the best names in the industry to offer a huge platter of Advanced Tech Courses like Animation (2D, 3D), Programming Languages, Python, Java, Advanced Robotics and Fun with Circuit Boards for curious minds who want to start exploring the wired world, right from 7th grade onwards. Who knows these special skills might super accelerate their interests in the technical field and land into bright career opportunities in the future!

High School Summer Camp

In the crucial stage of high school and board examinations, Acme Learning-Summer Camp’2020 wants to encourage the students by giving concept building support through our advanced crash courses in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths, and English. Along with that, our summer camps this year go a step ahead in offering competitive exam preparation programs like SAT, GRE, IELTS, Pre-SAT backed up from an established brand for tutorials. The student who aims to appear for any of these exams can also get counseling sessions as well as guidance from our experts before enrolling for the prep program. To combat exam stress, we have other support programs like Yoga, Meditation, Sports, Music, and much more to give you a much-needed break along with studies, all in one place. So let Acme Learning – Summer Camp’2020 pave the way for your preparation, assessments, and bright results!

Educational Field Trips, Fun Trips, Adventure Trips

Often parents are stressed about giving children adequate time and accompany them for local travels and entertainment during summer vacation. The list is vast, but time is less for the parents to satisfy the need for exploring the places of their kids. At times the fun doubles when the travel is with a friend who shares the same enthusiasm about visiting the place. In such a situation, Acme Learning-Summer Camp’2020 has taken the initiative of arranging educational field trips, fun trips, picnics, and adventure camps within the summer camp program. So that children return home with the satisfaction of new learnings as well as exploring new fun places. The whole summer vacation passes not with regret but with moments of fun, budding friendships, and explorations.
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